Eliška Soukupová

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As an actress, dancer and director, I have a lot of experience with Czech theatres (Na Zábradlí, Hybernia, Moravskoslezské div. Olomouc, NoD, Archa, Venuše ve Švehlovce…), I’m still open to cooperating with classical theatres, but at this point, I put most of my authorial creative energy into the theatre company Maso Krůtíwhere I’m co-founder. 

Girl punk theatre ensemble Maso Krůtí is now based at NoD – an experimental theatre in Prague, but plays and creates in many other theatrical and non-theatrical spaces around the Czech Republic.


First, I started to dance. From gymnastics and tap dancing, I took the journey to street dance and contemporary dance theatre. After I finished at the Prague acting conservatoire, I became a freelancer in performing arts. I express myself through words, body and creativity itself. I combine acting with dance, while creating as an author or as an interpreter. My primary focus is on live performances – theatre, site-specific projects, crossover genre pieces, hosting, shows, but these days I find myself once again in the film industry and audio work.

I host live events (opening ceremonies, lectures, drag queen shows, cabarets, NGO events…) I work as a presenter and journalist at Czech National radio, radio Wave, I’m co-presenter of the podcast CHCI TO and creative producer of the Anna Entertainment company, which celebrates the stories of funny, powerful and unique women.  

As a choreographer and dancer, I have been part of many projects (film, theatre, fashion show, dance competitions, music shows).  

I just love to learn and discover new dance techniques and genres. I also teach or join dance events and workshops all over the world (NYC, San Francisco, L.A., Mumbai, Paris, Milan, London…). I share my dance experience on a regular basis at workshops or events which I create and organise to cultivate the Czech and World dance scene and community. I’m a member of I.H.O.W. Czech – worldwide dance crew, founded by Tyrone Proctor, who was the original pioneer of the 70s disco era dance style WaackingI’m also one of the founding members of House Of Nora – the first ever Czech-Slovak  waacking house.

In the world of contemporary dance and physical theatre, I’ve been blessed to work with such an amazing artists as: Carli Jefferson, Jan Kodet, Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, Philippe Greaudeau, Eva Urbanová, Nicoletta Cabassi and ,together with Václav Kuneš (420PEOPLE), I was supervising choreographer for Kamila Mottlová’s dance/stand-up piece “Hikikomori”.

 I was the choreographer for Šimon Holý’s dance film, Mirrors in the dark, where I also act and dance as supporting female character, Erika. This movie premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2021 and then went to cinemas all around the Czech Republic.