is an agency of Kateřina Oujezdská and Barbora Fabiánová providing exclusive representation of actors and ensuring smooth communication between actors and productions.

To the actors we offer consulting, legal services, variety of negotiations with productions (salary, working conditions etc.), organizing calendars and managing schedule conflicts, Intergram.

To the producers we offer smooth communication with actors, easy and precise scheduling of all the shoot dates and all other commitments. We only represent actors we respect both artistically as well as personally and whose excellency we guarantee.

More Than Stars

I represent and take care of actors that I respect both artistically and personally, and whose performance I never doubt. I deal with actor’s contracts, scheduling and all the worries and doubts their work could bring. I have worked as a producer in the film and commercial industry for many years and my experience makes the communication between actors and productions easier.

Míša Povolná

LaK production

LaK production has represented actors since 2009. Our relationship with actors is based on long term cooperation, trust and respect which is reflected in all areas of their work life – seeking appropriate opportunities, job offers evaluation, scheduling, contracts administration, fee negotiation, PR etc. We enjoy what we do and we love when others enjoy it with us.

Myrnyx Tyrnyx
Myrnyx Tyrnyx was established in 1998. It emerged from an alternative vintage boutique.  Instead of traditional fashion shows, we did performance fashion happenings. Our models were actors and street cast personalities. Real people with their own style from every corner of the globe.
It was not long before courageous directors began to request these talents in place of the traditional ones.
Thus Myrnyx Tyrnyx Agency was born.
With our diversity, we broke racial and cultural barriers in the Czech entertainment industry.
As a creative casting agency, we now focus on supplying English and Czech speaking fine actors, as well as top models, performers and resourceful street casting. We have successfully cast foreign and local feature films, TV series and hundreds of commercials for the international market.
Reset Actors

RESET ACTORS is an agency providing complex services for performing artists. We ensure professional representation of a carefully selected group of actors which guarantees individual approach. We take care of scheduling, communication with productions, theatres and we navigate actors’ careers in the world of film, commercials and theatre.

Petra Svarinská, the owner of the agency, has been part of the film and commercial industry since 1998 as a casting director. She founded Vivid casting in 2002 and in 2009, Petra established an agency for actors RESET ACTORS.

The biggest passion of Petra is to form the next generation of exceptional actors and help them achieve success not only in the Czech Republic, but also on the international market.


PR and talent agency 2media.cz has entered the market at the end of the nineties and their clients have always been both well known and rising artists. During 2019, the agency broadened its services to accommodate actors, photographers, painters, poets…

The mission is clear: to share years of experience, contacts and professional background amongst people whose artistic work is worth the support.

Poppy casting

The Poppy casting agency is for children from 6 months to 15 years. We cooperate with many agencies, productions, TV and dubbing studios in casting children’s roles in films, series, filmed and photographed commercials and dubbing spots. Our goal is to discover talented and interesting children and provide them with the opportunity to work in a film or commercial environment.
Part of this work is also to educate children through acting training, teaching them how to behave in front of the camera in a way that is fun and feels natural. Every year we organize the Filmák Summer Film Camp, or various dubbing and acting workshops.

The Poppy Casting Agency was founded by actress, producer and dubbing director Martina Popperová, who since 2003 has acted in the following projects. She has performed in several theatres, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has made recordings of many spoken TV and radio spots, both acting, directing and producing.


is a talent agency and film production founded in 2004 by director and producer Vladimír Michálek.

Tereza Sládková takes care of a selected group of actors and provides professional services as mediating communication between the actor and the producer, providing legal services, negotiating fees, counselling, scheduling and creating a media image of the actor.


We are the first agency on the Czech market focused exclusively on male acting and modeling.

We are synonymous with professionalism and a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of male modeling, classical and commercial acting.

We represent actors, commercial actors and models of all ages, types and ethnicities.

Our long-term experience, stable market position, individual approach and attention to detail are a guarantee of success, whatever your artistic or advertising intentions are.


With JARO Kids, your child will not be one of many, each one is a PERSONALITY.

We are working with the kids on a commercial (or acting) career from the very beginning.

The agency provides a work permit for all the artist we represent, which is of course absolutely necessary for the professional environment.

We are agency working with only selected talent working on the basis of an exclusive contract.


We are the first talent agency on the Czech market focused exclusively on professional female artists.

In the female acting division we emphasise high professionalism, variable skills and talent, which are supported by professional studies at prestigious acting schools.

AGENT4U s.r.o.

Complex representation of actors and actresses
Legal services and contracting
Communication with directors, producers, casting and advertising agencies


After several years of work in film productions and casting agencies we founded ZOOM TALENT AGENCY.

We exclusively represent Slovak professional actors and actresses and provide them with services as seeking new job opportunities, communication with producers, casting directors and media, scheduling, administering their profiles in several talent databases, we negotiate their working conditions and oversee the legal matter of contracts.

Vladimira & Veronika


Talent agency Actory has started its activity in January 2019 and as of today is representing 17 actors and actresses. As the agency is based in Brno, it focuses on cooperation with artists especially from the Moravian region. Agency is taking care of the artist’s individual needs and offers complete services covering their work regarding movies, TV and commercials. Agency is setting the working conditions with productions, overseeing calendars commitments and provides legal services with close cooperation of renowned lawyers.

Selma for Actors

Brand – Selma for Actors – was established in 2020 out of the need to separate several years of work for actors and other activities as education and consultancy in audiovisual production Selma Ročková is engaged in her profession.

Selma for Actors represents both professional actors and students of acting schools, she provides consulting to unrepresented actors and she is also involved in co-organizing workshops and lectures for actors who want to deepen their artistic and practical skills needed for their career in the audiovisual industry.

“I see the work of a talent agent as a bridge between the production and the actor who simplifies and speeds up mutual agreement and operational communication. Cooperation with actors is not only about keeping a calendar and other organizational and legal elements, as that should be a matter of course for every agent, but mainly for professional and human support and navigation at all stages of their careers.”

Selma Ročková


We have chosen to go our own way as a talent agency and the same approach applies to our performers who are rather unique and hardly fit in the usual pigeonhole of nowadays Czech showbusiness. We are not just silent office workers for our performers but continuously help them to build and expand their creative talent and offer them wide variety of opportunities.

We provide the same care to our partners who show interest in our performers for live show, commercial, TV or movie production. Our team is ready to accommodate your demands.


Manager Lenka Daňková has been under the name Artagent providing overall services to exclusively represented actors for almost 10 years. She selects her talent carefully and values them not only as excellent artists but especially as good people. Lenka collaborates with everyone according to their individual needs, but she also creates a team spirit among the actors to support and motivate each other. The goal is to provide fast and transparent services both for Artagent’s acting clients and for productions and directors who work closely with them. Thanks to previous experience of working abroad, she fluently communicates in English or German and is inspired by international trends. That is why she also educates actors beyond her agency, so that even actors without an agent can orient themselves in practical matters connected with their performance, be self-sufficient and understand contracts and conditions and be able to promote themselves. Through education, transparency, networking and communication, Artagent creates a network so that artists and productions have someone to turn to when they don’t know what to do and need help.


As a daughter of cameraman and costume designer and granddaughter of two actors I had roamed theatres and movie sets as a little girl. The choice of profession was therefore obvious when the time came. As a production manager I had worked on many commercials and film projects, as a producer I had brought to life the film Sama (2017, Otakar Faifr).

Friendship with many artists smoothly resulted in a new stage in my life. I have a big respect for the acting profession, so I decided to represent the actors and actresses. Thanks to my work experience and unconditional love for film and theatre, I have an understanding for the requirements of all parties, from production to directing.

My agenda includes negotiating contractual conditions, organising deadlines, resolving legal issues. Together with my team we support the actors and provide them with conditions of carefree concentration on their work.


is the first talent agency in the city of Ostrava. It was established in 2017, and the primary motivation of Albert Čuba and Lukáš Oramus, the agency’s founders, was the desire to help actors from the area, as well as students and graduates of the Ostrava Conservatory, help achieve fairer offers and conditions in performing their artistic activities.

Albert – actor, director, producer, writer, founder and principal of the MÍR Theater, creator and tamer of the improvisation show Three Tigers, has been in audiovisual production since 2009. Albert guarantees a high professional level of Actors.cz services. Due to the fact that he has gone through almost everything during his professional life, he is a great mentor for our actors.

Lukáš – once a lawyer, for the last 8 years he had worked in the top management of several companies, and finally has started his own audiovisual production company with his partners. At Actors.cz, Lukáš takes care of the contractual conditions and helps our actors with practical issues related to the performance of their artistic activities (web, showreel, bio, headshots, taxes, etc.).

Mamma of actors

Gabriela Dorantová, who has been working in the film industry for more than ten years, is the sole person behind the agency mamma of actors.

The cooperation between her and her actors is based on trust, loyalty, open communication and moving each other forward.


NOCHI is a boutique talent agency that represents rising stars of Czech and Slovak film. We focus on artists who are distinctive not only in their artistic expression, but also as personalities you will enjoy working with.