Jakub Vopelák

  • Actor/Actress
  • Dancer
  • Martial arts
  • skiing
  • Violin
  • Czech
  • English
I'm an acting student
  • Budil Theatre School
Completed acting education
  • Budil Theatre School

Jakub Vopelák, finished by maturita exam at high school of construction and woodworking in Ostrava. While working in the industry and manufactoring, he has developed a great physical strenght and fitness. During the COVID pandemic, he took time to pursue his long time dream and interest in film acting and started taking online courses and workshops. For example with Victoria Rampal Dzurenko, Kalegero workshop led by Katerina Janečková and so on. As soon as it was possible to explore live training, he dived right in and currently actively working on his acting technique  and character development, both in English and Czech, with highly acclaimed acting coach, David Stejskal, at Acting Horse. You can see him in serial like Vedlejší produkt,  Sex O’Clock, or crime serial Případy mimořádné Marty 2.