Gleb Kuchuk

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the film that Gleb played the main role in, was nominated for Cesky lev in 4 categories and in many categories for Cesky kritiky as well as winning the best feature film of the year 2023 at the Sun in a net awards.


Gleb Kuchuk is an actor based in Prague with professional experience in Television and Film. He is mainly known for the main role in a Slovak feature film „Victim“ directed by Michal Blasko which was the Slovak entry for the Academy Awards and is currently streaming on Czech Netflix. Gleb has also played a role in season 4 of the German TV show „Das Boot“, and his most recent significant appearances were for season 2 of an American TV show „Interview with the Vampire“ and season 2 of a Czech TV show „Duch“. Gleb speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech. He graduated from the Prague British International School where he studied „Higher-Level“ IB Theater. Besides that, Gleb has received acting training such as: the Chubbuck workshop with Marcin Zarzeczny, Naked Face one with David Penn, Workshop with Hollywood casting director Kimberley and many others..