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Actor(Theatre/Film)/Folk dancer/Kalaripayattu/Movement/Creator/Producer

2022 – One act Play – Goddam Prayers – DAMU disc.

2021 – From the roots

2021 – Urban Birds

2018 – Eulogy

2017 – Serve the People

Co-founder of Ouroboros art hub, IND


2023 – Hello, Welcome by Simon Holy.

2023 – TAKE-OUT by Daniel Sultarin, Dibyansh Singh Deakins.

2023 – DISQUIET by Aarzoo Singh, Fathima Shayek.

2023 – Baby Shower/I am Hungry by Sagar Mangal

2022 – APak Prisla Laska/ And then love came – Feature film – Simon Holy.

2022 – The wheel of Time – Role : Da Covale – Season two – Amazon prime Based on fantasy Novels by American author Robert Jordan.

2022 – Simple Shoe – Short film

2021 – TV Commercial – VISA – Credit Card Company Commercial.

2019 – Mourn for me – Short film

So on …


I was born and raised in Gujarat, India, and always felt like I was constantly looking for more ways to creatively express myself. I am a man who wears many hats like, a son, a brother, a theatre performer, and a folk dancer, but still it didn’t feel like that was enough.
So I finally started my journey as an “Actor”.

I decided to move out of my country in order to further pursue my dreams and began my studies in Acting at the “Academy of Performing Arts in Prague”, Czech Republic. Thankfully this led me to more opportunities to really dive into this industry. Here, I was able to get many roles in theatre performances, short films, commercials, feature films and even TV series and I hope to continue working on more projects such as these in this industry.